Shocking Electrical Factoids: POP QUIZ

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on September 13, 2016

Which are true or false?

  1. A shock of 100 volts can be just as deadly as a shock of 10,000 volts.
  2. People have been electrocuted by household appliances using currents of 110 volts.
  3. In the workplace, workers have been electrocuted by as little as 42 volts of direct current.
  4. The real measure of shock’s intensity lies in the amount of current (amperes) forced though the body, and not the voltage.
  5. Any electrical device used on a house wiring circuit can, under certain conditions, transmit a fatal current.

Answer: All are TRUE!


At currents as low as 60 to 100 milliamperes, low-voltage (110-220 volts), 60-hertz alternating current traveling through the chest for a split second can cause the heart to go into ventricular fibrillation (VF). VF is a life-threatening irregular heart rhythm that results in the pumping chambers in your heart (the ventricles) to quiver uselessly, instead of pumping blood. Death will follow in a few minutes without immediate first aid and medical intervention such as CPR and Defibrillation.

Risky Business


What are you allowing in your workplace?

If anyone other than electrical workers are performing electrical work AND lockout procedures are not being used in your workplace, you are taking a big risk with both your people and your business. Visit 1Life’s resource page to download full Hazard Alert to share with your workers.



Facilitator: Joe Kytryck, CRSP, Electrical Safety Professional


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Electrical Hazard

This course is suited for any Safety Professional or Practitioner interested in learning about electrical safety, any person charged with supervising electrical work (i.e. Prime Contractor), or any supervisor who’s workers are exposed to electrical hazards in the course of work.

Course Content: The Workplace Electrical Safety course is based on the CSA Z462-15 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard and The Manitoba Provincial Workplace Safety and Health Regulations. A summary of the topics covered are:

Training Opportunity

  • System studies, electrical hazards and effects of current on the human body
  • Arc Flash, Arc Blast
  • Safety-related work practices
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment procedure, Shock hazard assessment
  • Lockout or work energized: simple, complex and group lockout
  • Energized electrical work permit
  • Arc flash hazard assessment
  • Personal Protective Equipment selection and proper use of equipment
  • The Electrical Safety Program
  • Job briefing and planning
  • Safety Related Electrical Maintenance
    • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
    • Maintenance Standards


Date: September 16, 2016      Time: 8:30 – 4:30
Location: 1Life Office, 280 Stradbrook Ave.
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