August 2020

Author: 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions | Posted on August 8, 2020

We upgraded our servers!

  • We have upgraded our application servers to optimize your favorite web-tool.
  • The most significant change is with speed when displaying all forms. Larger organizations will especially notice the (near) instantaneous response time!

We made the Quick Note Hazard(s) template optional!

Many of you asked us to disable the default Quick Note Hazard(s) template.

You can now turn off this feature directly from your Company Profile!

Say hello to the new Scheduler App!

We updated the Scheduler App based on your feedback. It is now more intuitive and faster than ever!

The new design includes a single table providing you with all your schedules (and the option to see deleted ones). The new ‘Show History’ button will give you access to more details for a specific schedule.

Other items

  • Made minor updates to the ‘Company Links’ feature

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