September 2020

Author: 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions | Posted on September 8, 2020

Web admins can now sign and finalize forms directly on the web tool!

You can now sign and finalize your forms directly on the web-tool if you are a web administrator.

Schedule reports for web admins have been optimized!

  • In your scheduled reports, we’ve added links that take you directly to the appropriate page on mySafetyAssistant. For example, if you click on “form requiring your attention since the last report”, it will take you to your form list with the filter set to only show newly created forms since your last report.

Notifications will now be sent via email when training records are about to expire!

  • Employees will receive a periodic email reminding them of training records expiring. If the employee does not have an email address in our system, a report will be sent to their web administrators instead.

Pagination now persists between views!

  • When you are reviewing a list of forms or employees and you select one of the records, clicking on the back button on your browser will take you back to your list at the correct page.

Other items

  • Compatibility issue with iOS 14 has been fixed!
  • The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS 14) prevented users from filling out forms or signing documents. This issue has been resolved.
  • If you’re on iOS 14, make sure to download mySafetyApp 6.9.4 or greater.


  1. The compatibility issue affected bad on the process of my work, so I am very glad that the problem was fixed. If you make a post with this info on facebook and add likes with to make the post more noticeable, you will make happy more users of your programme.

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