Meet the 1Life Team

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Theo Heineman CRSP, CHSC, B. Sc. Ag.,
Founder and CEO

Growing up on a farm with no brothers, Theo was custom combining on her own at the age of 16.  Purchasing her grandfather's farm at age 22 gave Theo a deep appreciation for the risks of entrepreneurship and her rural roots are the foundation of her values, work ethic and commitment to community. 

Volunteering on the rural ambulance for over 10 years brought an awakening to the devastation of preventable injuries and illness. 

This coupled with formal education and over 20 years experience in Occupational Safety and Health, Theo has certainly found her life mission helping other owners ensure that their people are safe and their businesses are viable.

With over 25 years of business experience, Theo has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and Canadian Safety Leader of the Year finalist. 

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1Life Management Team


Gynelle Pakulak, LIAT, CRSP, Certified Ergonomic Specialist,
Manager of Client Success

Gynelle is a Safety Professional with 17 + years of experience working across a diverse sector of industries including government and heavy construction industry.  She is passionate about ensuring workers go home at the end of the day exactly as they arrived to work. She believes that the well-being and safety of employees does not have to be hard and her intention is to assist as many people as possible, change the way they think about safety.


Sébastien FOCK CHO THO,
Product Manager

Hailing from Reunion Island, France, Seb leads our team of Unicorn software developers.  Seb’s “if you need it, we can build it” mantra, is the core of his teams belief system that catalyses weekly software releases to continually delight our client base.  Seb’s roots are as a Mobile Developer Specialist, and he gets really excited when it comes to User Experience.  Seb is known for his enduring kindness and his versatility and flexibly to meet client needs and expectations.  In his spare time, he likes studying new technologies and building small mobile projects (always dreaming of building the next viral application!). When not programming, Seb enjoys wood crafting or spending time with my friends around a warm meal.

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1Life Safety Professional Team

Thomas Noonan Safety Practitioner

Thomas Noonan,
Safety Practitioner

Thomas is a Safety Practitioner with over 5+ years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. He previously where he worked as an Operations & Project Foreman out of Alberta Canada. Outside of work Thomas loves fishing and enjoys spending time with his family.


Charlotte Goodison-Hnytka,
Senior Safety Professional

Charlotte is a Safety Professional with 12 + years of experience working across a diverse sector of industries including the heavy construction industry. She is passionate about integrating safety into daily activities in a way that moves from “blame, shame, and retrain” towards a new view of safety by building employee resilience and capacity so that their input and knowledge are used to make systems safer.

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1Life Client Success & Administration Team


Alicia Brown,
Client Success Specialist

Alicia supports 1Life clients with software training, individualized forms building and special feature requests. She has a background in Hospitality and Tourism Management and several years of business management experience.  Alicia thrives from being involved with companies that have a core purpose of safety and health & wellness. She loves travel, animals and spending quality time with family and friends.


Joelle McMillan,
Consulting and Client Success Administrator

With extensive experience in business administration, Joelle’s role is to support and optimize 1Life’s safety consulting team. She has a certificate in Human Resource Management, so also assists with various HR functions within the company. Outside of work, Joelle loves to go for walks, dabble in crafts, and care for her pet rabbit, Rolo, who keeps her on her toes!

Xanthia Coates Executive Assistant To The President

Xanthia Coates,
Executive Assistant To The President

Xanthia has 10+ years’ experience in business management, with an educational background in Business Administration. She works along-side 1Life’s President, assisting her and the rest of the team. Due to her background in sales & marketing, she also assists with content creation, and various marketing activities. Outside of work Xanthia enjoys spending time with her family and loves all things Halloween!


Stephanie Snadden,
Office Administrator/Bookkeeper

Stephanie has 15+ years in the accounting field, primarily working with companies based in construction and construction associated industries. She is support driven and is here to provide clients with clear communication of invoices as well as assist in the day-to-day accounting functions of 1Life. Stephanie is passionately studying Integrative Herbalism, enjoys hiking, canoeing, and spending time with family.

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1Life Software Development Team

Our clients input filtered through 1Life’s real world safety professionals and communicated to our incredible team of Unicorn Software Engineers are the secret sauce to our innovation and client delight!  Every day they exemplify the epitome of our values; Client Driven, Embrace Possibilities, and Reverence for Life.



Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

As 1Life’s Chief Happiness Officer, Ruby’s job is to remind us not to take life so seriously. Ruby’s main responsibilities include creating smiles all around the office, boosting team moral, and reminding everyone to maintain a positive outlook on life – always living in the present moment. When Ruby is not hard at work, she usually spends her days taking naps, or wrestling with her brother Harly the cat.