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Turning Compliance into Gold; The Alchemy of Workplace Safety Management

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on July 3, 2019

Alchemy is the ancient practice of turning lead into gold; taking something of little perceived value and transforming it to something of great value. To many organizations, workplace safety still has little perceived value and compliance with government regulators is at best an irritation. Many organizations proclaim that they are safe companies and that they care for their people. However, …

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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Workplace Safety Lawyer

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on January 30, 2019

Workplace Safety and Health is a unique area of law and not just any lawyer will do when you’re dealing with a serious matter such as a prosecution. In our experience, we have seen organizations that could have established a successful defence and reduced or avoided large fines and a permanent public record, had they done their homework before selecting …

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FIVE for FIVE = $235,977 in Fines to Manitoba Manufacturers

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on December 18, 2018

ALL last five Workplace Safety and Health convictions in Manitoba have been to manufacturers. We have summarized here for your learning and prevention in your own workplace: [divider size=”10px”]Why Not Use “Common Sense.”[divider size=”10px”] We still see reliance on expecting workers to “use common sense” to ensure their safety and health as a common control measure. It is understandable on …

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Top 5 Ways Mobile Technology is Re-Defining Safety Management

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on October 31, 2018

Mobile apps have become common place in the way companies and their employees, especially millennials, operate.  Providing ease of use, instant access to information, and increase risk management at lower cost, mobile technologies are re-defining the way workplace safety is managed.[divider size=”20px”]   Providing access to the company’s entire safety program at the end of your hand: Endless hours of …

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Are you Walking on Thin Ice? Try The Simpler, Easier Program!

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on December 2, 2016

The Simpler, Easier Program™ was created for organizations just like yours to do the "heavy lifting of safety management" so you can get more boots on the ground. Keeping up with regulations, ensuring worker safety, competent training, due diligence, record keeping, working within budget constraints, competing for production time… sound familiar? With the responsibility for employee safety on your shoulders, …

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Shocking Electrical Factoids: POP QUIZ

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on September 13, 2016

Which are true or false? A shock of 100 volts can be just as deadly as a shock of 10,000 volts. People have been electrocuted by household appliances using currents of 110 volts. In the workplace, workers have been electrocuted by as little as 42 volts of direct current. The real measure of shock’s intensity lies in the amount of …

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It matters what leaders do: Safety Culture is shaped by the worst behaviour the leader is willing to tolerate

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on August 30, 2016

What might be changed if one were to ask the question “What is the worst safety behaviour tolerated in our organization and what action needs to be taken to change it?” As you ponder that question consider the wise words of Dr. W Demming: “Only 15% of your company’s problems can be controlled by individual employees, while 85% can only …

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Force Creates Resistance

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on

Force creates resistance. Whether it’s your spouse, your kids or safety in the workplace; Newton’s Third Law applies. And since it’s NATURAL LAW; like a plant growing towards the sun, there’s no arguing with it… as much as our ego might like to. Yet we see it all the time, one forcing their views or agenda on another. Like the …

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The Latest Mobile Safety App Strengthens Your Safety Management System

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on August 16, 2016

A Safety Management System is a form of quality assurance where there is clear accountability for safety outcomes. It is a formal documented system where operations are defined by written procedures and standardized practices. An effective Safety Management System is SIMPLE, but not necessarily easy. It involves: Setting clear standards. Establishing meaningful policies and procedures with the involvement of workers. …

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Top Five Tips for Better New/Returning Worker Safety Orientations

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on

  Spring has spring and that means new and returning workers for many organizations. Did you know that new workers have 5 to 7 times the risk of injury in the first 4 weeks of a new job? Seasonal work like construction, landscaping and hospitality typically has credible safety and health risks. A cornerstone to both a great experience for …