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Manitoba Lumber Manufacturer Fined $26,502

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on August 16, 2016

May 2013, a worker for Swan River lumber manufacturer was seriously injured while operating a wood edger. A log was fed incorrectly causing it to jam. When the worker reversed the machine to realign the log, a slab of wood shot out of the machine impaling the worker’s left thigh. According to reports, Safe Work Procedures had not been developed …

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How Are You Managing the Working Alone Dilemma?

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on

Do you have workers that work alone or in isolation? Did you know that even if your employee is working where other people are present but who are not from your workplace, they are technically working alone? Employees who work alone or in isolation tend to be more vulnerable than those who have co-workers present. If a lone worker is …

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Know the Risks When Working Around Powered Mobile Equipment

Author: 1lifeadmin | Posted on July 11, 2016

DID YOU KNOW? Working around Powered Mobile Equipment is one of the most dangerous tasks performed on worksites. Serious Incident: January 2015 – A worker in Winnipeg was seriously injured when an aerial lift rolled and pinned the worker against a hot boiler resulting in second and third degree burns down his back. Fatality: September 2013 – A worker, aged …