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Our Safety Professionals are certified and experienced auditors: COR, CSAZ1000, OHSAS 18001, and/or Lloyds Register. Whether you need help preparing for a COR Audit, a Contractor Evaluation so you can secure work or want to measure safety performance so you can improve it, we can help you.



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Your People and Your Business Deserve more than just “Checking Boxes”

Real performance is measured and improved deep in the management system. At 1Life, we are Safety Management System experts. Organizations with a corrective action plan from a 1Life audit have a roadmap in their hands to achieve a whole new level of success.


Only 15% of your company’s problems can be controlled by individual employees, while 85% can only be controlled by the management system. Most loss control problems are management system problems. – Dr. W Demming.



Avoid “absolute safety rhetoric” and focus your most credible risks.

Many organizations waste time and money resourcing unimportant safety measures. In a well-planned safety system, 20% of your effort produces 80% of your results.




Improper ladder use

The Payoffs of Experience.

Because we specialize in Safety Management System design, implementation and continuous improvement, our expertise = efficient, and that makes us price competitive. Cost varies based on the size of your organization.




Rob Read, Owner, Bison Fire Protection Ltd.

“1Life was critical to our achievement of ISNetworld Certification and securing a million dollar contract.” — Rob Read, Owner, Bison Fire Protection Ltd.


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Every business has its own unique challenges and opportunities. So 1Life creates solutions, geared to your specific risks, resources and budget to help you make sure your people and your business are protected from workplace related loss and liability. Learn how.