Turn Compliance into Profits

Avoid the trap many organizations fall into; resourcing unimportant safety measure that only “cost money”. In a REAL Safety Management System 20% of your effort gets 80% of your results and as a positive impact on organizational performance.



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Planning for Profitable Safety

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Most organizations do not understand how much incidents really cost. Even fewer understand that the same factors that create incidents, create quality and production problems.



The Safety Profit ProgramTM

The Safety Profit ProgramTM was created to help you increase your profits by becoming and staying compliant with safety regulations.


This program was created based on our experience working with hundreds of companies. We have learned that many organizations get into trouble because they are not compliant with safety regulations. As a result, they often lose a lot of money, they lose important relationships, and their business doesn’t grow.






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Questions? Our Safety Professionals have answers.

Every business has its own unique challenges and opportunities. So 1Life creates solutions, geared to your specific risks, resources and budget to help you make sure your people and your business are protected from workplace related loss and liability. Learn how.