Add Documents from the Resource Library

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To add a record from the Resource Library into your companies Safety Management System first click ‘1Life Resources’ from the main menu where you will see a list of folders for the different types of documents available.
1Life Resource Library
If you are looking for a specific type of document like a “Safe Work Practices” you can expand the folder and browse or you can click on the filter button. As an example you can search for the term “saw” and a list of all documents with “saw” will be returned.
Click the ‘Add’ button beside the desired document, or click ‘Select All’ in the folder heading to add them all. You will notice that the ‘Add’ button will change color from grey to green which signifies that this record has been selected to be added to your company’s resource library.
Once you have selected all the records you wish to add click the ‘Add to Library’ button at the top of the folder to import all of the selected documents. You should see a notification saying the resource was transferred successfully and will now see the row has been highlighted green. If you click ‘My SMS’ you should see the new group (if it didn’t already exist) and the new resource(s) within it.