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Your subscription to mySafetyAssistant may come with access to the 1Life Resource Library. This library contains hundreds of documents written by safety professionals that you can immediately start to use in your organization.

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Steps to Add Resources

To add a document from the Resource Library into the Documents so that you can assign it or publish it to the mobile devices you need to:

  1. Click ‘1Life Resources’ on the main menu. You will then see a list of folder groups that all documents are stored in.

Searching for Documents

If you are looking for a specific type of document like a “Safe Work Practice” you have two ways to search via the filter button.

  1. You can type in a search word into “document name” and it will show all documents that have that work in the document name. As an example you can search for the term “saw” and a list of all documents with “saw” will be returned.
  2. You can click on a document group name and click apply. This will only show the document groups that you have selected. To select multiple groups, you need to hold down the CTRL key and then click on the groups.

NOTE: You can search for both a document name and document group at the same time.

Adding a Document to your Library

Click the ‘Add’ button beside the desired document(s) you want to add or click ‘Select All’ in the folder heading to add them all. You will notice that the ‘Add’ button will change color from grey to green which means that this record has been selected to be added to your company’s resource library. NOTE: It has not been added yet.

Once you have selected all the records you wish to add, click the ‘Add to Library’ button at the top of the folder to copy all of the selected documents to your Documents. You should see a notification saying the resource(s) were copied successfully and will now see the row has been highlighted green (with the add button disabled). If you click ‘Documents’ you should see the new group (if it didn’t already exist) and the new resource(s) within it.

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