How to sign off on Safety Talks, SWPs and Other Documents

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Digitally signing your documents within mySafetyAssistant Mobile App is a huge time saving and a great step towards improving your due diligence.
Some benefits of digitally signing documents are:

  1. The signed document is attached to the employee’s profile. In three clicks you can see ALL the documents an employee has signed
  2. As documents change over time, the exact document that an employee signed is saved to their profile. Never worry again which version of a document an employee signed
  3. You can see all signed documents anywhere, any time in the mySafetyAssistant portal
  4. Any and all documents can be uploaded and signed off on, not only safety documents. You can upload and sign HR, quality and any other documents

Watch Step by Step Directions

Steps to Sign a Document

Uploading your documents

If your documents are not stored in mySafetyAssistant, the first step is to upload them. This can be done by following the steps in Uploading a New Document.

Publish your documents

For documents to be visible on the mobile application they need to be published.

  1. Click on Documents in the main navigation
  2. Open the folder the files are in
  3. Ensure that the “eyeball” is green, if it is orange you need to click on it to publish

NOTE: As soon as the state is published, the next time a mobile devices “syncs” the document will be downloaded.

Open the document on a mobile device

Once the sync has completed, the document will be on the mobile device. To find the document you want to sign off on you:

  1. Click on the documents folder
  2. Click on the folder that the document is stored in (in this case we want to review a Safety Talk)
  3. Click on the name of the document

Sign the Document

The document will open up and you will review it with your employee(s). Once you have reviewed the document and there are no concerns you will:

  1. click on “sign” in the upper right corner
  2. Click a project that this document sign off should be filed against.
  3. Sign the document as the person that has conducted the document review
  4. Anyone else that is present will click on “Additional“, find their name and then sign
  5. Once everyone has signed, click on “submit” in the upper right corner to finalize the document

NOTE: Once the document is submitted, no one else can sign that exact document but they can go through the process again and sign the same document.

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