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Steps to Publish a Document

When a new document is uploaded, only web admins can see the document within mySafetyAssistant. For regular employees to see the document in mySafetyAssistant or in the mobile app the document needs to be in a published state.

Publishing a Document

To change the state of a document, click on the eye beside the name and this will immediately change the state. Next time a mobile user syncs their device, they will get access to the newly published documents and unpublished documents will be removed from their mobile device.

Document State

Documents have two states that they can be in:

  1. Published – indicated by a “green eye” beside the document name. Anyone can view the documents in mySafetyAssistant and the mobile application.
  2. UnPublished – indicated by an “orange eye” beside the document name. Only web administrators can see the document in mySafetyAssistant.
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