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The mySafetyAssistant Mobile App has been built to be compatible with all Android and Apple devices. It does not work with blackberry or amazon devices.

Menu Navigation

Synchronize – will display if the app is up to date. If it is not up to date, it will state the last time sync was completed. If sync is in progress, it will display how many records are being transferred. Once finished it will display ‘Just Synchronized’ to indicate the sync was successful.

Forms – list of templates that have been created within the web tools and can be filled out as needed. Forms are split into two different lists, ‘View Previous’ for forms you have already filled out and ‘Fill Out New’ for your list of form templates.

Requiring My Attention – displays forms and corrective actions that have been assigned to you.

Archives – is a list of forms and resources which has been submitted/reviewed/finalized.

Documents – contains all of the documents that have been published by your web administrator.

Contractors – will display subcontractor information and list the details of active Safety Evaluation Forms created through myContractorManager for your contractors.

News – will display the same news feed items as seen in the web tool as an administrator.

People – will display the full list of Managers, Supervisors, Employees and Contacts. As a Supervisor or Manager, you can view uploaded training documents of all your employees by simply selecting their name.

Help & Feedback – will display the full mobile app help guide and you will have a ‘Send Feedback’ button on the top right.

Settings – lets you change the interval of auto synchronizing your app and turning notifications on and off. It also allows you to set if the app can use data (or wifi only). Additionally, it will display the current version of your app.

Deleted Drafts – will display any forms or resources deleted in the past 7 days for you to restore if needed.


Some menu sections may contain many items in the report (forms, documents etc). MySafetyAssistant Mobile app has been built with a filter so that you can search and find exactly what you are looking for. Tapping the filter icon will open a list of filter controls specific to your current page.

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