Having an up to date and in working order mobile device can go a long way in keeping you on track and well organized in today’s workplace. Many employers make cell phones a workplace requirement as they allow us to manage our time better and to work safer – keeping in contact with a supervisor, checking in when working alone, even reviewing and signing off on your safety management systems! But when our mobile device stops working or is damaged, this can halt our productivity at work.

My Phone/Tablet Broke on the Job – Now What?

Have It Repaired!

Whether it is a software or a hardware problem, you can have a professional assess the damage and perform a repair. Companies such as Cell Mechanics offers fast turnaround on a variety of different internal and external problems, such as screen replacements, battery replacements, and charge port/headset jack replacements, etc. on many different brand name devices with a quick turnaround time.

Replace It with a Refurbished Phone!

If the damage is too severe, the phone may need to be replaced altogether. Cell Mechanics has a great stock of refurbished phones at discounted prices. When you purchase a refurbished or second-hand phone, this saves the environment as well as your wallet! All used phones come with a 6 month warranty.