Avoid the countless potential liabilities faced when hiring & managing sub-contractors.

Prime Contractors have a duty to setup an effective safety management system. They need to ensure that everyone involved in work at their site meets all safety and health obligations. They also need to coordinate the safety and health programs of sub-contractors.

Not managing sub-contractors comes with the risk that:

  •     • your projects will experience costly delays and rework
  •     • people, property, and the environment are exposed hazards
  •     • these losses and liabilities are not insurable.

Evaluating & managing sub-contractors can be a large administrative burden to ensure safety compliance. When working with paper documents from sub-trades there are a lot of challenges; documents tend to be returned incomplete or not returned at all.

myContractorManager ensures before work begins you collect the documents you need like:

  •     • Insurance Certificate & WCB Letter
  •     • Safety Evaluations
  •     • Site Specific Safe Job Plan and Procedures
  •     • etc.

Effective sub-contractor management helps to ensure that the job is done safely. myContractorManager lets you put in place a system to evaluate, monitor and enforce all sub-contractors. Great safety management is great business management!!!

Managing Contractors

Sub-Contractor Evaluation: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Create a safety evaluation form specific to your subcontractor’s scope of work using the ready made templates or create your own from scratch. The handy wizard knows what questions to ask when you tell it what kind of a sub trade you’re hiring!


Send to your sub-trade. They’ll be prompted by email to create a FREE account where they can log in and complete your safety evaluation form, attach the requested supporting documentation and set expiry dates for critical documents like certificates of insurance.


Review the Safety Evaluation Form once your sub sends it back. Accept, reject or send back to the sub for minor revisions. Once you are satisfied, accept the Safety Evaluation form and create a permanent record.

Are Your Supervisors Trained?

Have your project managers and supervisors taken a course on “Prime Contractor Essentials”? mySafetyAssistant has built in Online Safety Training which allows you to Train Anywhere, Anytime!

The Prime Contractor Essential Training training module covers:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of prime contractors.
  2. The requirements for contractor and sub-contractor evaluation, monitoring, and enforcement.
  3. Standards for pre-job safety evaluations, hazard assessments, and documentation.
  4. and More!
Prime Contractor Essential Training

The Story Behind myContractorManager: Prime Contractor Prosecuted

myContractorManager was created from first hand experience working with a Prime Contractor who was prosecuted two years after their sub-contractor had a serious workplace incident…

myContractorManagerTM helps ensure that you are dealing with sub-contractors who are compliant and meet your job specific safety requirements. The wizard will store your documentation (insurances, OH&S policies, licenses, memberships) and help keep your records up to date.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If after 30 day you are unsatisfied with myContractorManager, your software investment will be refunded in full.



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