The Story Behind myContractor Manager – Prime Contractor Prosecuted


Prime Contractor Prosecutions

myContractorManager was created from a first hand experience working with a Prime Contractor. The prime contractor was prosecuted when a sub-contractor had a serious workplace incident. A drawn out prosecution with emotional and financial costs ensued. Preventing this was as easy as doing an adequate evaluation of all sub-contractors.

The prime contractor was charged two year after the incident. The charges included “failing to ensure that the sub-contractor ensured that they had“:

  • • safe work procedures
  • • supervision and training for working at heights

The prime contractor had many jobs active at once and was using 50-100 sub-contractors. Evaluations had been requested of all subs on this specific job. Verification that workers were qualified to perform high risk work was managed by email. This lead to a documentation management challenge. Most evaluations were returned incomplete with a few sub-contractors not responding at all.

As the number of sub-contractors you work with grows, so does your documentation challenges. From this struggle, myContractorManager was developed as an effective tool to:

  • • quickly, easily and effectively evaluate and manage sub-contractorskeep
  • • keep documentation all in one secure place.

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