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Features – Administrative Area

Enterprise Safety Management System – Multiple Companies / Locations under one Super User Administrator

Multiple User Permissions / Access Administrator, Manager, Supervisor, Employee

News feed and Legislative Updates

Online Training Courses with Certifications

Contractor Management System Integration

Document Management System

  • • Create nesting folders
  • • Upload multiple documents at once
  • • Auto publish from Word / Excel to PDF and to mobile devices
  • • Assign documents to employees via web or mobile app for sign-off View, sort, create analytics for incoming documents

Learning Management System

  • • Manage employee training, due dates, recertification
  • • On-line Training Courses with Certification
  • • Custom Training Platform (Develop your own training courses. Deliver via web or mobile app) – Due 2019

Mobile Forms

  • • Use pre-made templates
  • • Easy Wizard – build forms from scratch
  • • Select from multiple question types
  • • Add photos and comments to any question
  • • Customization of preferences
    • • Allow duplication
    • • Private forms
    • • Multiple levels of sign-off
    • • Mandatory fields
  • • Advanced form auditing
  • • Print photos in high resolution
  • • Assign corrective actions
  • • Create work flows ensuring accountability and due diligence

Form Scheduler

  • • Automatically send a selected group of forms to mobile users on a periodic basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly.
  • • Manually send a group of forms ‘On Demand’ as needed (such as for new hires or following an incident.)
  • • Optionally have the system send administrators a summary email after sending the forms.
  • • Optionally send mobile users an email when they are assigned a form.

Employee Learning Plans

  • • Create job title label
  • • Add corresponding documents and training required
  • • Auto assigns to employees at once and tracks progress

Real Time Viewing (Web and Mobile) and Auto Filing of Documentation

  • • Activity feed company wide
  • • Drill down by project, person, risk at a glance
  • • Advanced filters to create detailed reports

SDS Management Service Integration

Public Resource Library (Template Policies, Safe Work Practices, Technical Updates, Learning Resources and more)

Local on-site tech support and training

Features – User Area


  • • Receive updated documents immediately
  • • View, sign off on any document. Automatically auto filed to every employee
  • • Email from mobile devices
  • • View Activity Feed: Admin/Supervisor real time viewing of all document sign-offs (Drill down by person, project)


  • • Complete any form, Assign Corrective Actions, Submit to Supervisor / Management for Review
  • • Create work flows ensuring accountability and due diligence
  • • Hazard ranking (Probability, Severity, Frequency)
  • • Mandatory fields enforces correct process
  • • Photos: take new, grab existing, draw on photos or sketch pad
  • • Print or email from mobile devices
  • • Create duplicate forms
  • • Take control of assigned forms
  • • Requiring my attention – highly visible on home screen
  • • Real time sound and badge notifications
  • • View Activity feed – Company wide and drill down by project, person, risk at a glance
  • • Access archive documents


  • • View all employee training, due dates, certificates
  • • Email training certificates from mobile devices

Custom Settings

  • • Auto synch = all records and documents filed for due diligence (by location, person and more)

News feed

Contractor Management Integration