Hazard Awareness Training
Course Length: 1.5h — 2h
Course Cost: $25 *Bulk Pricing Available
Who Requires Hazard Awareness Training?

All employees where increased hazard awareness is required to ensure their safety on the job.


Course content is specific to the requirements of Manitoba workplace safety & health legislation and includes:
  •  •  Overview of Workplace Safety and Health legislation as it relates to Hazard Control
  •  •  Why hazard awareness is critical to workplace safety
  •  •  What causes workplace incidents and their “Real Cost”
  •  •  Hazards and young workers
  •  •  Hazard Recognition and Control
  •  •  Types of hazards
  •  •  Methods of hazard control
  •  •  The importance of reporting hazards and near misses
  •  •  Personal Protective Equipment


Important note: This training program is designed to provide theoretical and awareness based knowledge. Practical, hands on training must also be provided by a competent person in all instances where workers are working around hazards.

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