Ladder Safety Awareness - Refresher Training
Course Length: 1.5h — 2h
Course Cost: $25 *Bulk Pricing Available
Who Requires Ladder Safety Training?

Falls from heights are a major cause of work related fatalities and injuries in Canada.Every time you use a ladder or through some other method, work off the ground, you are placing yourself at risk of falling unless control measures are used.

If you’re like many people, you may believe that your past successes working at heights with no incident means it will never happen to you! Unfortunately, that’s what many people have thought. This course was created to help you understand why it is important that you take work at heights and the safe use of ladders seriously.


Course content is specific to the requirements of Manitoba workplace safety & health legislation and includes:
  •  •  Why it is important that you take the hazards of ladder use seriously
  •  •  The types of hazards including unsafe practices that can result in serious injuries and fatalities
  •  •  The different types of ladders available
  •  •  Components of a ladder, and how to inspect them
  •  •  Safe work practices when using ladders
  •  •  And more!


Important note: This training program is designed to provide theoretical and awareness based knowledge. Practical, hands on training must also be provided by a competent person in all instances where workers are required to use ladders.

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