Lockout Awareness - Refresher Training
Course Length: 1.5h — 2h
Course Cost: $25 *Bulk Pricing Available
Who Requires Lockout Awareness Safety Training?

Because so many serious injuries and fatalities are a result of contact with energy sources, legislation along with guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of workers in Manitoba. The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation places strict requirements for the de-energization of equipment and systems in the workplace including but not limited to:

  •  •  Machines, Tools and Robots
  •  •  Radiation Emmitting Devices
  •  •  Powered Mobile Equipment
  •  •  Electricity
  •  •  Cranes and Hoists
  •  •  Transport Pipes
  •  •  High Pressure Lines


Course content is specific to the requirements of Manitoba workplace safety & health legislation and includes:
  •  •  Why it is important that you take the hazards of energized equipment and lockout procedures seriously.
  •  •  The responsibilities of employers, workers and supervisors in the lockout system.
  •  •  The types of hazards and unsafe practices that can result in serious injuries and fatalities.
  •  •  The types of energy that must be locked out.
  •  •  The different types of lockout systems and devices available.
  •  •  And more!


Important note: This training program is designed to provide theoretical and awareness based knowledge. Practical, hands on training must also be provided by a competent person in all instances where workers are required to use lockout procedures.

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