Prime Contractor Essential Training
Course Length: 2h
Course Cost: $50 *Bulk Pricing Available
Who Requires Prime Contractor Essential Training?

In Manitoba A Prime Contractor is required on a construction project in Manitoba when ever more than one employer or self-employed person is involved in work at the construction project site at the same time.


Course content is specific to the requirements of Manitoba workplace safety & health legislation and includes:
  •  •  What is Sub-Contractor Management
  •  •  The relationship between Safety Management and Project Management
  •  •  The roles and responsibilities of Prime Contractors
  •  •  The requirements and implications of Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health legislation with respect to Prime Contractors
  •  •  Standards for pre-job safety evaluations, hazard assessments and documentation
  •  •  How to create a due diligence defense as a Prime Contractor
  •  •  And more!

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