Respirator Care and Use Training
Course Length: 0.5h — 1h
Course Cost: $25 *Bulk Pricing Available
Who Requires Respirator Care and Use Training?

Because so many workplace injuries are a result of improper respirator fitting and the outright lack of respirator use, legislation and guidelines have been established to help ensure the safety of workers in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulations place strict requirements for the many aspects of respirator use in the workplace. These requirements include the necessity for risk assessments, control measures, and training of workers.


Course content is specific to the requirements of Manitoba workplace safety & health legislation and includes:
  •  •  Why it is important that you take the task of working around airborne contaminants seriously
  •  •  The types of hazards including unsafe practices that can result in serious respiratory illnesses, diseases and even fatalities
  •  •  The vast array of occupational diseases that can result from working unprotected in contaminated areas
  •  •  The different types of respirators available and the components of each type of respirator
  •  •  The proper way to inspect, clean and store your respirator
  •  •  The proper way of putting on and taking off your respirator
  •  •  Safe work practices when using respirators

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