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Course Length: 1.5h — 2h
Course Cost: FREE
Who Requires Young Worker Safety Training?
5000 Young Workers Are Injured in Manitoba Every Year! Training and awareness is critical to recognizing potential safety hazards in the workplace. As a young worker, health and safety awareness should be important to you because:
  •  •  It can save your life!
  •  •  It prevents injuries from occurring.
  •  •  Be aware of potential hazards in a workplace.
  •  •  Know what protection and compensation is available to you.
  •  •  You need to know your fundamental rights as an employee!
“Competition for a summer job is difficult enough as a youth, especially when it is your first job and my practical experience is limited. The 1Life Young Worker Safety Program not only helped me learn more about what was safe to do and what wasn’t, but I am no longer afraid to ask questions if something I am asked to do appears to be risky. I wasn’t thinking about my right to safety at work before I took the program and having the certificate to include with my resume after completing the program has set me apart from other applicants.” – Timothy Aidan Jansen (16 – John Taylor Collegiate)
Course content is specific to the requirements of Manitoba workplace safety & health legislation and includes:
  •  •  Rights, responsibilities and accountability for safety and health
  •  •  The benefits of a Safety Management System
  •  •  How to report concerns and the right to refuse dangerous work
  •  •  The importance of reporting hazards, near misses and incidents
  •  •  The purpose and function of your Workplace Safety & Health Committee or Representative
  •  •  The requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  •  •  The requirements for working with hazardous materials
  •  •  Basic safety rules and emergency procedures
  •  •  The requirements for training in Safe Work Procedures
 This program EMPOWERS you with the basic knowledge you need to stay safe on the job!It is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities for safe work so that you can return home safely to your family at the end of every workday and live your best life possible!

“Tim and I had a long conversation on the program last night. He also said that a few places he applied (with his Young Worker Training Certificate) had commented on how they had never seen a program like this and that the new hires rarely receive any formalized safety training (this was food service and retail). – Carolynne Jansen, Timothy Aidan Jansen’s Mom (Manitoba Chamber of Commerce)
“No sooner I got off the phone with you yesterday and I was searching on the internet to find the course. I completed it last night. I loved how it was Manitoba specific and so many important concepts covered, WOW, AMAZING! In fact I’m making my 13 year old daughter take it.´ – Greg Brown, Safety Professional, OH&S Coordinator, City of Brandon.
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