All in one software for safety management
The 1 Solution to keep your people safe so you can grow your business.
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All in one software for safety management

Before 1Life:

Workplace safety worries you, people don’t take safety seriously and you’re stressed out because you have no insurance for the legal issues if something goes wrong.

After 1Life:

Soon you’ll be feeling like “Hey, we got this”. Your safety will be systemized and accessible in one place, your team will be bought in and accountable, and safety will be contributing to your bottom line.

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Electrical Association of Manitoba

The biggest change we’ve seen since implementing the 1Life Safety Platform is that our employees now are always thinking about safety… because its right there on their phones.

Robert Semchyshyn

Past President, Electrical Association of Manitoba

Glendale Industries

The 1Life Safety Management Platform allows us to provide documentation to prime contractors and customers instantly rather than waiting for paper documentation to be submitted by workers. It saves me a substantial amount of time updating Health & Safety binders in company vehicles as well as tracking down paperwork.


Glendale Industries

Municipality of Pipestone

The 1Life Safety Platform is a total game changer for us. It makes safety compliance quick and easy, allows updates from any location and provides our staff with instant access to company policies, manuals and safety guidelines. Program is simple to use, even those with limited to no computer experience have picked up the basics quickly. 1Life even helped us impress a surprise WSH inspector!


CAO, RM, Municipality of Pipestone

Master Roofing

“The 1Life Safety Management Platform is so simple to use, my guys took to it fast. Not only is it great for safety, its been hugely beneficial for quality control management.”

Ed Galos

Past President, Canadian Roofing Contractors Association

Abco Supply & Service

“What I love about the 1Life Safety Platform is that it’s incredibly easy to upload documents & to use.”

Cameron Ellis

Rossdale Machine Inc.

“You guys are like Henry Ford; innovating to bring an affordable Safety program for small and medium sized business that does the job. 1Life has been critical to streamlining our safety processes.”

Rod Pizzey

Operations Manager

Axis Inspection Group Ltd.

“Before finding 1Life, I was looking at hiring a full time position to manage our Quality Control, Safety and HR areas. This program has made it manageable for us to run with our current staff. (For less than I would pay for a month salary for this position). Thank you Theo and your team at 1Life.”

Bonnie Pankratz

General Manager

Bison Fire Protection Ltd.

“1Life was critical to our achievement of ISNetworld Certification and securing a million-dollar contract.”

Rob Read


Boulet Brothers Concrete

“We tried to get COR in 2010 and were totally intimidated with so much to do at the start and not knowing where to begin. 1Life was the key to be able to go through that door. All of a sudden the resources were there and they gave us the confidence that we were doing it the right way and we were able to put the program together. The tools and resources from 1Life was 80% of our success. A good Safety Management System puts you ahead of the game to attract good employees. When workers come in they know how things are done here. If they aren’t interested in that then we’re not interested in them.”

Hubert Boulet


Paramount Windows Inc

“At first, implementing a Safety Management System seemed like an insurmountable goal. However, with the help of 1Life and active employee involvement I have a lot of confidence in our current Safety Management System and our ability to answer any questions that we may be asked by WSH Officials. What I appreciate most about 1Life is knowing we can call on them and obtain the expertise we need when we need it.

Chris Mussell

Ranger Insurance Brokers

“We recognize the value that 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions Ltd. can bring our client’s business. Sound workplace safety and health practices will result in improved insurance rates, fewer claims, more profitability and a happier workforce.”

Ken Feasey

Senior Partner,

Imperial Stone Paving

“I’m looking forward to improving & developing a better safety program now! Before I didn’t know where to begin… I feel this course (Safety Management System Development) has empowered me to do so — Thank you!”

Janine Sasley

S. Parsons

We were inspected by Manitoba Labour after a disgruntled employee made a complaint. Your name came up in reference to our training program. Obviously you have a lot of respect down at the branch. They were very impressed with our Workplace Safety and Health Program and obviously you had some responsibility with that.”

Bristol Aerospace Limited

“I wish to express appreciation for the quality, high impact training you provided to our management team, both front line and high level. Feedback has been great and the message was most definitely heard. What more could we ask, other than to keep up these great efforts. On behalf of our senior management team, they wish to thank you for providing this important and timely presentation to our staff.”

Douglas Perrin CRM CHSC

, Environment, Safety & Security Manager

Epic du St. Malo

“Keep Doing What You’re Doing. Great Course (Safety Management System Development)!”

Helene Lariviere

Boulet Brothers Concrete Ltd.

You can’t buy insurance for safety, but you can be a client of 1Life! You know what they say… you’re only as good as the people you hang around with.

Hubert Boulet


Electra Sign

“I see 1Life as a partner in helping us achieve our goals. Their understanding of the needs of business combined with their understanding of the process that needs to take place it just makes it a lot easier. For a small to medium size business that doesn’t have the resources, that has any concern for the well-being of their employees, to bridge the gap between the time that it takes to run a business and understand the complexities of safety requirements, I think 1Life is a perfect fit to bridge that gap.”

Ken Devine


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