Designed For Real World Clients By Real World Safety Professionals

Working with hundreds of real-world clients, 1Life’s Safety Professionals and Software Programmers have built a web and mobile app so that you can:

  • checkmarkAccess your safety management system everywhere
  • checkmarkAdapt and communicate instantly as environments change
  • checkmarkIncrease employee accountability and your risk management
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  • checkmarkUpload documents, build custom forms quick and easy
  • checkmarkPush to out to employees mobile devices with one touch
  • checkmarkAssign, prioritize and track corrective actions
  • checkmarkMake safety easy and fun so employees will want to do it
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Accountable Employees. Improved Risk Management

  • checkmarkCreate work flows (Plan-Do-Check-Act management system)
  • checkmarkSet and enforce your safety standards
    • – no more incomplete paperwork
    • – no more deviating from a standard unknowingly
    • – never miss a corrective action
  • checkmarkManage safety performance in real time across multiple locations from your computer or phone
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Eliminate PAPER PAIN

  • checkmarkSignoff any forms and documents on the mobile app
  • checkmarkAll documents are automatically synchronized and filed to the web app… in the right spot
  • checkmarkInstantly create stats for better decision making
  • checkmarkGet rapid reports for faster audits
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Use for More Than Safety

  • checkmarkApply the adaptable management system to other areas of your business
  • checkmarkIntegrate safety management with quality, HR, operations, customer service and more
  • checkmarkFor example; build work orders, time sheets, change orders and more
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Tailored to your Specific Business Needs

Every organization has specific and unique risks.

Tailor mySafetyAssistant to meet your specific workplace safety goals and challenges

Deploy Today. Be Supported to Success!

  • checkmarkImplementation faster and easier than you ever imagined!
  • checkmarkReceive training and support from a dedicated client success team.
  • checkmarkmySafetyAssistant deploy’s immediately and product upgrades are delivered automatically.
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