& Training Software.

Whether you operate a small company or a global enterprise. You need a safety management software program that not only helps better organize the safety of your employees but also helps create a watertight documentation trail, especially when it comes to your companies legal obligations.

At your fingertips.

  • People Management
  • Document Management
  • Form Management
  • Training Management
  • Resource & Template Library
  • Manage Training Certificates
  • Schedule Retraining Dates
  • Generate Detail Reports
  • Scheduler
  • Custom Training Course Builder
  • SDS Management
  • Sub-Contractor Management
  • Readymade online courses
  • High-impact training courses
  • Virtual Reality (VR) training courses
  • And More...

Add Workers

  • Mass uploads or create individual employee profiles.
  • Assign permission levels (web/mobile, worker, supervisor, manager, etc).
  • Track and manage each employees assigned and signed documents and forms.
  • Assign Training Plans to employees with one touch (including documents, online training and tasks) and track training certificates and recertification dates.

Upload Documents & Share Instantly to Your Team Everywhere!

  • Mass upload any word, PDF, or Excel document & give all employees instant access on the web or mobile in seconds.
  • Assign documentation to specific employees with due dates or to Training plans as you upload.
  • Automatically converts Word documents to PDF when you "publish".
  • Employees can acknowledge and sign documents on web or mobile (Every signed document is saved in their employee file).
  • Update documents and auto track revisions for due diligence.
  • Publish as you upload (saves time).

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Create Smart Forms

  • Customise ready-made form templates or build any form from scratch.
  • Set up workflows (Send forms from Workers to Supervisors to Mangers, etc).
  • Set up Private forms.
  • Create and add Tags to get meta data from your form.

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Set up Processes & Drive Performance

  • Choose from a variety of forms question types.
  • Require mandatory answers (forms fully completed every time).
  • Trigger corrective actions based on Yes or No answers.

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Schedule Documents and Forms on Mobile Devices

  • Safety policies & Safe Work Procedures.
  • Forms & Checklists.
  • Training history & records to provide to regulators or general contractors.
  • Schedule tasks & corrective actions appear with a badge notification.
  • Everything needing employees attention is front & center on the home screen.
  • Supervisors & managers can monitor companywide activities / performance right from their mobile device.
  • View form status: submitted, reviewed or finalized.

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Fill Out Forms on Mobile Devices

  • Simple to learn & quick to complete.
  • Search forms & complete just like a paper form.
  • Use voice to text (prevent finger typing typos).
  • Save drafts to complete at a later date.

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Manage & Follow Up Corrective Actions

  • Document corrective actions or assign corrective actions in the form, to other employees who will receive immediate mobile notification.
  • Prioritize risk based on severity, probability and frequency.
  • Corrective actions are automatically flagged & tracked until they are completed.

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Add Photos to Forms

  • Add multiple photos or sketches to forms.
  • Add notes.
  • Draw on Photos.
  • Create for inspections, incidents reporting, quality control reports or any other time you need to capture images in a form.
  • Date & Time stamped.

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Promote Accountability & Evolve Your Safety Culture

  • System will notify if information was missing in a form.
  • Require signatures of specific parties (workers, safety representative, supervisors, etc).
  • Assign forms according to the workflow that you set up on the form (incident form might flow from a worker to their supervisor and then to management until it is finalized. No need to create additional forms for follow up corrective action).
  • All signed forms and documents are date, time and GPS stamped.

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Training & Certification

  • See employee training status at a glance from the web or mobile app.
  • Every worker has access to their training history and records.
  • Send any training record right from your smart phone.


Work Online or Offline

  • Customise ready-made form templates or build any form from scratch.
  • Set up workflows (Send forms from Workers to Supervisors to Mangers, etc)
  • Set up Private forms.
  • Create and add Tags to get meta data from your forms.


Monitor Safety Performance from Your Mobile

  • Monitor company wide activities right from your mobile device.
  • Know in real time what forms and documents have been completed.
  • Open any form or document to see status and signatures.
  • Filter or Sort down by project, person or risk and more.
  • Review corrective actions, photos, from status and more.
  • Take ownership, print or email forms right from your mobile device.

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Monitor & Manage Company Wide Performance in Real Time

  • Administrators can monitor every activity as its completed (form and document as it is submitted).
  • View identified hazards and corrective actions.
  • Know what’s critical to act on at a glance.
  • Monitor status of safety activities; Did that sub contractor get orientated this morning? Did the hazard identified yesterday get corrected? Have the new summer student completed their assigned Hazard Awareness training?


Add Contacts

  • Add external contacts from the web or mobile app.
  • External contacts can now sign forms & documents.
  • Great for sub-contractors or witnesses to an incident.


Add Projects / Locations

  • Complete, store and search forms and documents by project.
  • Assign people and forms to specific projects.


Build Customized Online Training Courses

  • Customize existing training courses or build any online training course from scratch.
  • Add videos, games to improve learning and retention.
  • Create quizzes, exams, and certificates.
  • Assign to employees or third parties.
  • Courses can be taken on a desktop or mobile device.

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Critical Environment Safety Training

  • For organizations that require a simulated training environment capable of submerging the employee into a potentially challenging situation, Virtual Reality (VR) training is a must.
  • VR allows the individual to engage in a critical training session using both their mental & physical attributes, without the possibility of subjecting the trainee to injury or potential death.

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Systemize Your Training Process

  • Create Role Specific Training Plans.
  • Add documents, online training courses and tasks.
  • Assign with one touch.
  • Track Progress.

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