Increase Employee Safety. Increase Risk Management. Reduce Cost.

mySafetyAssistant’s management system framework allows you to:

  • checkmarkSet, train and enforce your safety and other management system standards.
  • checkmarkManage all your records and documents – never be out of date.
  • checkmarkAssign documents to employees and track that they’ve been read and understood.
  • checkmarkCreate management system work flows. (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • checkmarkReceive notifications long before any record expires.
  • checkmarkView a real-time picture of your safety management system status at a glance with dashboards and reports.

Take Control of Workplace Safety and Eliminate Paper Pain with Mobile Apps.

  • checkmarkPush any documents to the mobile app for reference or training!
  • checkmarkCreate any form customized to your business!
  • checkmarkWorkers complete safety talks, hazard assessments, inspections and more all on their tablet or smartphone.
  • checkmarkDate stamps and requirement for 100% document completion helps ensure your safety standards are achieved.
  • checkmarkThe proprietary WORK-FLOW system allows multiple signoffs at various levels on management (Employer – Supervisor – Manager) for enhanced due diligence.
  • checkmarkWhen complete, documents are automatically filed permanently in the web app. Paper work eliminated!

Manage Safety Performance from your Smart Phone.

  • checkmarkManagement can see in real time what’s happening at multiple locations in real time.
  • checkmarkView submitted documents complete with risk assessment, photos and signatures.
  • checkmarkSort by person, location, date, risk level to know where safety’s at anytime, anywhere.

Spend your Time Where it Matters Most.

  • checkmarkmySafetyAssistant does the heavy lifting so you have more time to focus where it counts; with employees and customers.
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Customized Safety Solutions

post-it notes Laptop with documents.

Develop or Improve Your Workplace Safety in Hours not Years.

  • checkmarkEnjoy 24/7 access to a fully developed Safety Management System framework that has been successfully implemented by hundreds of businesses just like yours.
  • checkmark100’s of templates and resources, employee safety training, record management, mobile app, updates as legislation changes and ongoing support are never more than a click away.

Employee Safety Training: Without Breaking the Bank.

  • checkmarkSafety Compliance means there’s a lot of training to do.
  • checkmarkThe cost of wages and lost production time can be debilitating to a small business.
  • checkmarkEnjoy 24/7 access to 18 of the most critical Safety Training Courses in an On-Line format.
  • checkmarkPrint certificates, track employee training, receive notices of training expiry dates, and create permanent records.

Ongoing Support: Resources, Technical and Legislative Updates and more

  • checkmarkmySafetyAssistant does more: receive Hazard Alerts, technical and regulatory updates including draft policies when legislation changes.

Questions? We have answers.

You don’t learn everything by reading safety regulations. So if you have questions about 1Life services, getting started, implementation or anything else, please ask. Our highly trained team is ready to help you!