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COVID-19 Resources
How to Upload & Share Documents in Seconds
How to Build & Deploy Any Form or Checklist in Minutes
How to Rapidly Adapt Your Business to Manage the COVID-19 Environment
Mental Hygiene Tip – Breathing Exercise Video
Optimizing Your Immune System Video Safety Talk
Hazard Alert – Making Home Made Cleaners Can Be Deadly
COVID-19 Customer On-Site Services Safe Work Practice
Webinar – How to Manage the Pandemic of Fear: Navigating the Unknown with Resilience
Mental Hygiene: Managing the Pandemic of Fear Video Safety Talk
General Safe Working Practices for COVID-19 Prevention
Coronavirus Facts Technical Update March 2020
Help Stop the Spread of Viruses Poster
COVID-19 Sanitizing and Disinfecting Safe Work Practice
Working in COVID-19 Quarantine Areas Safe Work Practice
We’re All in this Together Stop The Spread of Viruses Poster
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Control Measures Video Safety Talk
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Facts and Prevention Safety Talk
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Scam Hazard Alert
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Company Communication Template

Cannabis Readiness Resources
Cannabis in the Workplace Safety Talk
Cannabis Readiness Checklist
Webinar: Workplace High: The New Era of Drug and Alcohol Management
Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions
Workplace Strategies: Risk of Impairment from Cannabis
Safe Work Manitoba – Impairment and Cannabis in the Workplace (Free On-Line Training)
Cool Tools:
Young Worker Online Safety Training
New Worker Orientation Form – includes 2014 legislative requirements
Behaviour Based Safety Observation Form
Workplace Safety and Health Bulletin Board Checklist
Safety Talks:
CO – The Silent Killer
Psychological First Aid
Extreme Cold
Safety for Young Workers
Legal Requirements for New Worker Orientations
Working Around Powered Mobile Equipment
The Deadly 7 – Fatal Workplace Hazards
Reminder to Wear Fall Protection Equipment Poster
Reminder to Work Safely Around Ladders Poster
Hazard Alerts:
Myth of The Safety Guy
When Heat Turns Deadly
Young Town Worker Fatally Injured in Lawnmower Incident
Jail Time for Illegal Electrical Work
Costly Mistakes to Avoid AFTER a Serious Incident
Do Your Employees Driving Company Vehicles Have a Valid Driver’s License
Fire Prevention Week Oct 6 to 12 – Hazard Alert
Report Serious Incident – Employer Fined $10,075
Manitoba Enforcement Report Jan-Dec, 2017
Have You Defined your Safety Non Negotiables
Shocking Electrical Factoids
Bakery Worker Amputates Three Fingers
Questions to ask before hiring a safety professional

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