Supporting local businesses in Manitoba through exclusive cost savings programs including:

90 Minute Complimentary Consultation for Business Owner Members, with a Safety Professional.

Assess your Safety Profit Score using a special measurement tool called The Safety Profit Index™ and develop a plan to increase your level of compliance and score.

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50% Savings on a Safety-Profit Gap Analyses ($520.00 value!).

A Safety Profit Gap Analyses will identify Safety Management System factors that are affecting operational performance in your business. The Analyses will identify factors that are performing well and where to make adjustments to ensure ongoing risk control with respect to Workplace Safety and Health related loss and liability. Prioritized recommendations to best improve safety management related performance will be provided.

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Up to $1,000.00* savings on mySafetyAssistant for the development or continues improvement of your Safety Management System.

1Life is currently the only provider of innovative Safety Management Solutions that leverage web based technology AND are specific to the requirements of Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health legislation. mySafetyAssistant allows you to protect your people and your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring a live safety professional OR augment the skills and resources of your designated in house Safety Committee or Coordinator by giving access to the skills and resources of an experienced and qualified Safety Professional! * Value of $500 for businesses up to 25 employees and $1000 for businesses over 25 employees. Offer expires 30 days after receipt.

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50% Savings on Online Training Suite Bundles for Supervisors and WSH Committees / Representatives.

Supervisors and Safety Committee members play an important role in incident prevention and as such are required to be trained in their responsibilities as per Manitoba Workplace Safety Legislation. These training suite bundles will give organizations peace of mind knowing these key roles have been trained.

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10% Savings on Online Training from mySafetyTraining.

1Life is the currently the ONLY provider of Online Workplace Safety Training Programs specific to the requirements of Manitoba Workplace Safety Legislation. Currently there are 18 available to choose from!

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Award Winning Young Worker Safety Training Program!

Sponsored by: The Manitoba Chambers of CommerceSponsored by: Youth Employment Services Canadian Society of Safety Engineering CSSE Award Winning Young Worker Safety Training Program

With a commitment to community values and a common purpose, The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has partnered with 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions to make a Young Worker Safety Training Program accessible to all Manitoba youth.


The program was the recipient of the 2014 Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Regional Award for a Special Project. This award is presented for a ‘Special Project that advances the profession, provides research and development opportunities or promotes Health and Safety to the OH&S Community.’


The statistics point an alarming picture: New workers have 5 to 7 times the risk of injury in the first 4 weeks of a new job. In Manitoba 26 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 were killed on the job between 2000 – 2012 and more than 500 young workers suffer time loss injuries every month.

Training and awareness is critical to recognizing potential safety hazards in the workplace. Young workers are more likely to be injured on the job because:

  • They receive little or no safety training
  • They receive little or no supervision
  • They are assigned physically demanding or dangerous tasks
  • They are unaware of their rights and responsibilities
  • They DO NOT PERCIEVE the risk. Risk perception is LEARNED
  • They are reluctant to ask questions for fear of appearing stupid

Upon completion of this FREE ONLINE course, young workers can print a certificate and include it with their resume to improve their chances of getting hired! Safe and responsible employers will value the initiative of a young person who invests in themselves with this safety training program.


You will need to use the pass code: MCOC