November 2020

Author: 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions | Posted on November 1, 2020

We’ve re-built the code for downloading form instances as PDF!

  • Following up with many improvements related to form instances, the “download” feature should now process much more quickly.

You can now un-publish training directly from your employee’s profile page!

  • We’ve added a new “publish/unpublish” button under employee’s profile in the training section.

You can now finalize multiple forms all at once!

  • The Form Exporter (renamed “Form Batcher” for the occasion) allows you to finalize multiple forms all at once. Try it out!

Deleted tags are now display on your form details!

  • You can now see all tags attached to your forms, including deleted ones, for your convenience.

We’ve fixed an issue with generated PDF for forms with multiple signatures!

  • Resolved issue that caused a form with more than 10 signatures to be cut in half between two pages.