Completing Assigned Document Review

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If you have a document assigned to you for review you will be able to start your document review by first logging into mySafetyAssistant as an Employee.
  1. Once you are viewing mySafetyAssistant as an Employee, click ‘My SMS’ in the navigation
  2. Click the ‘Assigned Documents’ tab to view the list of documents that are currently assigned to you.
how to get to assigned documents

Document Review Steps

  1. Click the name of the Document, this will download the file to your computer.
  2. Once you have read the document you can click “Accept” if you have no issues with the content. If you have concerns, then you should click “Reject”
  3. Clicking either button will allow you to add your comments regarding the document review.
  4. Enter your comments and click the ‘Submit’ button to send your response to your administrator.
how to submit your document review

Viewing Completed Training

Clicking the ‘Completed’ tab will then display the status (Accepted / Rejected) while clicking the ‘View’ button will open up another screen showing your to view completed training