Completing Assigned Document Review

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To review and sign a document that has been assigned to for review you will need to:
  1. click Documents in the main menu
  2. click the Assigned Documents tab to view the list of documents that are currently assigned to you
NOTE: If you are a web admin or a group admin you will need to switch to the employee view first.

Downloading the Document

To review and then digitally sign a document you will need to (in the employee view):
  1. Click the name of the Document, this will download the file to your computer. Once the file is downloaded you will need to review the contents
  2. Once you have read the document you can click Accept if you agree with the content
    1. If you have concerns, then you should click Reject
NOTE: If you do not see the accept/reject buttons you still need to download and review the document

Finalizing the Document

  1. When you click either accept or reject it will allow you to add your comments regarding your decision. You can erase the default comments
  2. Enter your comments and click the ‘Submit’ button to send your response to your administrator.

Viewing Your Signed Documents

Clicking the Completed tab will display all of the documents you have signed and their status (Accepted / Rejected). Clicking the ‘View’ button for a specific document will show your comments.