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While there are few differences b/w apple and android features on the app, we wanted to highlight a few key areas to help our android users!



From the Home Page of the Mobile App: 
1. Settings
2. Auto sync button
Sliding bar for Sync intervals:
Data Sync – if you are worried about data usage, you can turn the ‘use data for sync’ button off.
You still have access to all forms and documents when not in cell or wifi service. Once you are back in cell or wifi service, synchronize your device to push out the information.
*its very important to note, anytime you fill out a form or sign off on a document, you must synchronize your device for the information to be sent to the web application/to assignees.
Lets jump into forms:
If you have filled out form and want to email a copy to someone, you can do so by first synchronizing your device, going back into the form under the forms view previous menu, and selecting the envelope icon to email. If you forget to synchronize, a pop up will appear to remind you.

As an employee, you can also duplicate a form:
1. Press and hold on the desired form within the ‘View Previous’ screen.
2. Tap ‘Duplicate’ from the drop-down menu.
This will create a new draft version of that form with the answers already filled in as they were in the original form you duplicated from.
The date and time will populate to the current date & time of the duplication.
You can then change the answers you need as required and sign off as normal.

Take Ownership of Forms:
If you have been assigned as a supervisor within the 1Life Platform Web tools you will be able to take ownership of existing forms that have been submitted to another supervisor.
To take ownership of the form:
1. Press and hold on the form from within the ‘View Previous’ screen
2. Tap ‘Take Ownership’ from the drop-down menu to set yourself as the signing supervisor for that form.

Remembering to synch to android device after you fill out a form or sign off on a document will ensure your information is being sent down the web and assignees.

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