Automating Online Training & Document Assignment

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“Employee Labels” allow you to SET a safety standard. Once set, mySafetyAssistant will TRAIN your employees to the standard that you set.
Labels consist of three parts:
  1. Employees that are part of the label ( a group of employees with a specific safety need)
  2. Documents (polices, safework procedures etc) those employees need to review
  3. Online training those employees need to take
There are several common ways to group labels:
  1. Job Role – office staff, supervisor, plumber, electrician, etc
  2. Division/Area of Plant – Welding, front office, paint-booth etc
  3. They can be anything that fits your business
We recommend that you have other general labels
  1. All Employees – this is training that all employees in the company would need, regardless of role
  2. Supervisors – Have specific training needs i.e. supervisor essentials online course
  3. Safety Committee/Rep – Have specific training needs/courses

Watch the Videos below or Follow the step-by-step-directions

Step 1 — creating a new label

  1. Login as a WebAdmin and click on the Employees section where you will see a Labels tab.
  2. Click on Add New Label, enter your new label name, and save by clicking on the check mark.
  3. Your label has been added to the label list and you can access its details by clicking on it.
creating a new label

to create a new label

Step 2 — Adding employees to the Label

You should currently be in the Employees section of the label you just created.

  1. Click on the Add Employees button to open a list of all of your employees.
  2. Add employees to the label, one by one, or select all if you need everyone in your company to take the same training ( or review the same documents)
  3. Click the confirm button to assign them to the label.

If you want to bulk assign my SMS Documents to users, proceed to Step 3. If not, jump to step 4 for bulk assignment of Online Training Courses

Adding employees to the Label

How to add employees to a label you already created

Step 3 — Bulk assigning “My SMS Documents”

  1. From the labels detail view, click on the My SMS Documents tab. All documents listed are already assigned to the employees in the label group.
  2. Click on Add Documents to bring up a list of your available documents.
  3. Select all the documents you want to be assigned to the employees that are associated to the label. You can select documents from different groups at the same time.
  4. Click confirm and the documents are assigned to employees associated to the label.
Bulk assigning “My SMS Documents”

Bulk assigning “My SMS Documents” to your employees

Adding documents to a label group

Step 4 — Bulk assigning “Online Training Courses”

  1. From the labels detail view, click on the Online Training Courses tab to see a list of courses associated to a label. All courses listed are already assigned to the employees in the label group.
  2. Click on Add Courses to bring up a list of your available courses.
  3. Select all the courses you want to be assigned to your employees.
  4. Click confirm and courses are assigned to the employees associated with the label.
Bulk assigning “Online Training Courses”

Bulk assigning “Online Training Courses” to your label so they are auto assigned to employees


Depending on the number of employees and courses selected, this step could take some time. Feel free to navigate away, but rest assured we are assigning courses in the background for you!

Other Tips and Tricks

  1. Employees added to an existing label will automatically be assigned all documents & courses associated with it.
    1. They will not be re-assigned courses that the employee already had assigned.
  2. Removing an employee from a label will automatically remove documents & courses which were assigned to them via labels.
  3. If you unpublish a document, it will be removed from the label and will no longer be assigned to the users.