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Web Admin Notifications are fully customizable and can be useful on keeping you up to date on the specific items you need.

Those that are familiar with receiving the first of the month report, this will now be what you receive!

Set Up and Customize Notifications

To set up and customize your notifications, log into the 1Life Platform as a Web Admin.

Navigate to the Your Account button in the top right corner of the page and select User Profile.

Under your name you can find 2 sub-tab menu’s, navigate to the second menu, and click on notifications.

Here, you can see all the different items you can receive reports on from Employees, Documents, Training Record Library, Projects, Online Courses, Forms, and 1Life Resources.

You can fully customize the frequency at which you want to receive the report on for all items. If you select weekly you can drill down on the specific day of the week, as well as the specific day of the month if you have chosen monthly.

If you don’t want to receive a report on a specific item simple select the toggle to off

Email Notification

The report will be sent to the email that is attached to your web Admin Profile and is sent from noreply@app.mysafetyassistant.ca.  The email notification provides you with dynamic links (when possible) that take you to the appropriate report in 1Life once you have logged in, making it easy to get to the in.

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