How to Manage the Pandemic of Fear: Navigating the Unknown with Resilience

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Facilitator: Theo Heineman, CRSP, CHSC, B.Sc.Ag., President, 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions. Theo is an international speaker and trainer. She is a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant, personally trained by leading neuroscientist and New York Times best selling author, Dr Joe Dispenza. She is also trained in the science and practice of heart coherence by the HeartMath Institute.

“Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief medical officer of health stated, “Fear is also contagious” Dr Deepak Chopra recently said, “Emotions are far more contagious than the virus.” People in every sector are succumbing to an epidemic of fear. The problem is that fear only makes a bad situation WORSE. When in fear, we disconnect from our executive function in the brain. We lose access to our intuition, our ability to solve problems, to see possibility, to dial down fear and more. On top of that fear and anxiety suppress our immune systems and make us more susceptible to illness and disease. On the other hand, studies clearly show that people who perform better with their health, relationships and businesses in times of stress do things differently than those who don’t.

Join the webinar to learn how your heart, brain and nervous system work and how you, your employees and your family can use this knowledge to survive and even thrive during challenging times.

DATE: April 2, 2020    TIME: 12pm CST
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