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Employer Questions: COVID-19 Work Refusal

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How do you deal with an employee’s COVID-19 work refusal? Our partner, People First HR Services, featured our President, Theo Heineman, in its January newsletter discussing that very topic. It’s a very informative newsletter for employers and employees about health and safety during COVID-19. In the newsletter, Theo discusses: How employers can access helpful COVID-19 Health and Safety Planning kits …

How to Manage the Pandemic of Fear: Navigating the Unknown with Resilience

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Facilitator: Theo Heineman, CRSP, CHSC, B.Sc.Ag., President, 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions. Theo is an international speaker and trainer. She is a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant, personally trained by leading neuroscientist and New York Times best selling author, Dr Joe Dispenza. She is also trained in the science and practice of heart coherence by the HeartMath Institute. “Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief …

Managing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Risk in Your Workplace

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High Drama Can Artificially Manufacture Unnecessary Anxiety About COVID-19 and How to Manage It. Humans by nature have innate primitive survival mechanism to be on the lookout for what could harm them.  This fact combined with constant barrage of high drama media coverage is creating anxiety and fear in many people about the risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Anxiety and fear …