Adjusting Training Expiry and Renewal Periods

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With online training, you are able to configure several different dates for training courses to meet the needs of your organization. To update renewal dates for online courses:
  1. Click on “Online Courses Library”  in the Training menu
  2. Click on “Renewals”
For each course, you change the following dates.
Recertification Days – the number of days after a course is valid. Once the number of recertification days is passed the training is expired and needs to retaken by the employee.
Due Date Days – the number of days that the employee is expected to complete the course in.
Days Reassigned Prior – the number of days that the course will automatically be reassigned prior to the course expiring. As an example, if set to 30, the course will be automatically reassigned to am employee 30 days before the existing course expires.
NOTE: If you have made any changes, remember to save your changes by clicking ” Save All ” at the top of the page or “Save” by a specific course to save only that course