How to reset user passwords

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Reset User Password Manually

  1. If you have forgotten your password it can be reset using mySafetyAssistant Reset Password Link on the Login Page.
  2. To reset your password, go to the login page on mySafetyAssistant and click on “Forgot your password?” In order to receive your password, the username and email address you provide must exactly match what is in our system. If you do not have an email address then you will to only enter your username.
  3. Click on submit.
  4. Check your email inbox for a new message from 1Life Safety with your new password.

Web Administrator Reset User Password

  1. To start click on the name of that employee from the ‘Employee List’ page.
  2. You can reset the employee’s password by clicking the ‘Reset Password’ button then clicking ‘Save’. The system will generate and send a temporary password via email to the address listed for the employee.
  3. After you reset an employee’s password you will see their new temporary password displayed at the top of the screen. If the employee did not have an email address be sure to copy this password down and provide it to the employee manually.
  4. Note: if the account is your own account you will not see the ‘Reset Password’ option and will instead be provided with options to type in the new password of your choosing. If you have made any changes to this page remember to save your changes by clicking ‘Save’ at the bottom of each section within this page.