Adding Multiple Employees (Mass Upload)

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There are times when you will need to upload multiple employees at once. We will use the”Mass Import” feature to accomplish this. You will first start by first logging into mySafetyAssistant as an Web Admin.

TIP: If not have not setup your labels, we recommend doing it now to save you time later. If you are not familiar with labels, here is a great article to get you started!

Downloading the Template

  1.  Click Employees=> Mass Import’ in the navigation
  2. Click the ‘Download Spreadsheet’ button to download an excel template to your computer

Completing the Template

Open the spreadsheet with excel, either through your recently downloaded items within your web browser, or by locating the document within your computers downloads folder. You may need to click on Enable Editing to be able to interact with the document. 
employee excel upload template
  1. Enter the First Name, Last Name and email address for each employee you wish to add.
    • TIP: For employees to receive notifications of new safety tasks (Training, document review etc), they will need an email address.
  2. Phone numbers are optional.
  3. The excel template will create a username for you but you can override this if necessary.
  4. NOTE:  there may be no duplicate usernames within mySafetyAssistant.
Set the specific permissions of the employee. These permissions determine the type of access each employee will have:
  • Web Administrators have access to one specific company account and will be able to add new records / documents into their companies SMS, assign / manage employee training and certificates, build electronic forms using the mobile app form builder, add / inactivate employees and review account reports.
  • Web Access sets the employee’s ability to log into mySafetyAssistant  web application for the purposes of taking online training courses and reviewing assigned documents. This will use one of your Web licenses.
  • Mobile Access determines if this employee will be able to log into mySafetyApp iOS and Android applications. This will use one of your mobile licenses.
  • Supervisor determines if this individual will be able to sign mySafetyApp forms as a supervisor.
  • Manager determines if this individual will be able to sign mySafetyApp forms as a manager.sample employee with permissions turned on
Save the excel template and close the spreadsheet.

Creating the Accounts

  1. From the Mass Upload page, click ‘Upload Spreadsheet’ and locate the file you just saved on your computer.
    Note: You will see that the same temporary password for all employees. If any employees do not have an email address, it is suggested that write down the password to share with them
    • Employees will need to enter a new password at initial login
  2. If there were any errors found in the uploaded template, please correct them and click confirm button to add the new employees.
Mass import with errorsIf an email address was provided, the employees will receive an email from mySafetyAssistant with their login credentials.