Using Ready-Made Form Templates

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1Life Workplace Safety Solutions has converted our forms, checklists, inspections, risk assessments and more into forms that are available to be used and customized by your organization. Click ‘Mobile App’ then go to ‘Ready-Made Templates’ to view these forms.
  • To view any specific form template, click the ‘View’ button.
  • To add the form into your library and edit it, click the ‘Add’ button beside the desired form then click the ‘Add to my Templates’ button.
You should see a notification saying the form was transferred successfully and will now see the ‘Add’ button has been greyed out and the row has been highlighted green. Now if you click ‘My Form Templates’ you should see the new group (if it didn’t already exist) and the new form within it. At this point you may edit and publish the form no different then any other form.