Using Training Records on mySafetyAssistant Mobile App

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The best place to store your employee training records is in mySafetyAssistant. Some of the benefits of having them stored digitally are:

  • no paper records to lose
  • all training records are attached to the employee profile
  • email records to third parties, any time  and anywhere from the mobile app
  • get an email notification before records expire
  • generate reports to see when records expire in the future

Watch Step by Step Directions

Steps to Use Training Records on the Mobile App


Login to mySafetyAssistant mobile app and then:

  • Tap on People  in the main navigation, this will show all employees
  • Tap on the person you want to see records for (in this case we want to see records for “Sprite Hunter”)

Below the employees’ personal details you will see all of the Training Records that have been attached to the employee. If you do not see any records either:

  • None were uploaded for this employee
  • Some were uploaded but not attached to the employee profile
  • Some were uploaded and attached to the employee but were not published

If you do not see the records you are expecting, please read about Uploading Training Documents.

To view any of the records, you need to tap on the record name.

When you are viewing a specific record you can:

  1. Print it (if a printer has been set up for the mobile device)
  2. Email it to a someone
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