Top 5 Ways Mobile Technology is Re-Defining Safety Management

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Mobile apps have become common place in the way companies and their employees, especially millennials, operate.  Providing ease of use, instant access to information, and increase risk management at lower cost, mobile technologies are re-defining the way workplace safety is managed.[divider size=”20px”]


  1. Providing access to the company’s entire safety program at the end of your hand: Endless hours of searching for documents and updating and managing paper filled binders are eliminated. These time drainers are eliminated with policies, procedures, training records, safety plans, SDS and more available and managed with web and mobile applications.


  1. Enhanced communication: Ensuring identified hazards are effectively controlled and communicated is a challenge with paper-based systems. The report needs to move from person to person through the management cycle, sometimes stalling with a particular person or getting misplaced. With mobile safety management, hazards and deficiencies and their corrective actions are communicated instantly amongst employees through mobile inspections, hazard assessments and reporting. Best of paper work is filed automatically and never lost.


  1. Ability to manage multiple work areas in real time. With the traditional methods of safety management comes the requirement to physically visit every job site to ensure standards are being met. For organizations having many job sites, this is not possible with limited time and resources. Through mobile technology, dozens of job sites can be monitored and managed in real time increasing the level of risk management and due diligence.


  1. Improved Accountability. Ensuring that hazard assessments, inspections and the like are really being done BEFORE the job begins is a reality for most employers. When safety processes are documented digitally and communicated instantly, employees perform differently because they are aware their actions can be observed. Mobile safety applications offer the opportunity to support and coach employee performance in a timely fashion. This in turn making dramatically improved safety culture a reality.


  1. Faster and better data for better management. With traditional paper-based methods, this is a task that takes hours if not days. Mobile technology allows data collection and reports generation in minutes.

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