Adding A New Project

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When using the mobile application, you will be required to select project to sign a document or complete a form. One way to think of a project is a folder in a filing cabinet. If you were to file this form (or document) away, what folder would it go in? This allows easy filtering and look up to see how different projects/teams/divisions are doing filling out forms.Some ideas for naming projects:
  1. Area of a Plant/Building – welding, front office, shipping, etc
  2. Locations of long term projects – 412 Portage Ave, 280 Stradbrook, etc
  3. Groups of employees –

Adding a new project

  1. First click “Forms” in the main menu
  2. Then click the “Projects” tab
  3. Click the “Add new project” button
Once you click ‘Add New Project‘, a new screen will open where you can enter the name of your project, description, address, start and end dates as well as the status of the project. Once you have entered all the required information click the ‘Save’ button to commit your changes.
Aside from that, you can also do the following:
  • You can add the name of employees that belongs to the Project by clicking the ‘Employees’ tab then ‘Add Employees’ button.
     NOTE: If you plan to use project filtering (in company settings) you will need to add employees to projects.
  • You can see all the mobile forms and mobile document sign-offs under it by clicking ‘Forms’ or ‘Mobile Document Sign-Offs’ tab.