Adding a New Employee

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When you hire a new employee you are going to need an account for them in the 1Life Software. Following the steps below is the most efficient way to add a single employee.

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Steps to Add One New Employee

To add a new employee

  1. Click ‘Employees’ in the main menu
  2. Click the ‘Add New Employee’ button.

On the edit screen, Enter the following information for the Individual:

  • First Name – the first name of the employee (Required)
  • Last Name – the last name of the employee (Required)
  • Email  – It is highly recommended to add an email address so that that individual gets email notifications when new documents, training etc. are assigned to them.
    • If the individual does not have an email address, then you will need to notify them of their log in credentials, and new safety tasks they need to perform (review policies, complete online training, etc.)
    • Email address is only required for web admins
  • Username  – It is highly recommended to use the email address as the username
    • There cannot be duplicate usernames within the 1Life Software.

Employee Permissions

You will need to give employees different levels of permissions so they can use different pieces of the 1Life Software. These permissions determine the type of access each employee will have:

  • Web Administrators – When turned “ON”, are able to configure and update all components of 1Life Software. (This will use one of your Web licenses)
    • upload & assign new documents & training records
    • manage employee online training and training certificates
    • create forms using the mobile form builder
    • add new or inactivate existing employees
    • review company-wide reports
  • Web Access – When turned “ON”, allows employees to log into the 1Life Software web application (This will use one of your Web licenses)
    • take online training courses
    • review assigned documents
    • gain access to all published documents
    • * a best practice is to allow every user web access.
  • Mobile Access – When turned “ON”, allows an employee login to the 1Life Mobile iOS and Android applications (This will use one of your mobile licenses.)
  • Supervisor – When turned “ON”, allows an employee to sign 1Life Mobile forms as a Supervisor. The employee will also need “Mobile Access” turned on
  • Manager – When turned “ON”, allows an employee to sign 1Life Mobile forms as a Manager. The employee will also need “Mobile Access” turned on

If you are using labels to automate setting safety standards for new roles, click on the “Add Label” button to add relevant labels for the individual. If you are not using labels, a great improvement in your safety management would be to read “Automate Training & Document Assignment through Labels

Note: If you do not have enough licenses to add a new employee for either web or mobile, please contact 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions at to add additional licenses.

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