Duplicating Forms

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Do some of your forms take a long time to fill out?
Are there hazards/corrective actions that are there everyday on a job i.e. overhead power lines?
No worries, to fill out forms faster, you can potentially duplicate a previous form which will create a new draft of the existing form! If you do not see duplicate in the menu, that means your administrator has disabled duplicating for this specific form.
Duplicating an existing form creates a new form that has the previous values already selected. This allows you to read through the questions on the form and  update the answers that have changed. As an example, maybe this time during the forklift inspection the headlight is broken, so you would update that question only!
Any Corrective Actions that were on the previous (both resolved & unresolved) are copied over as well.
  1. If the Corrective Action is resolved, then you can pass the inspection or select N/A for the common hazard, and the corrective action will be deleted.
  2. If the hazard is still present, the hazard and control will be pre-populated for you based off the previous form.
To duplicate a form you need to:

Login to mySafetyAssistant Mobile App and go into the Forms section by tapping the forms menu item


Click on the View Previous tab to see the list of forms that you have previously filled out.

Click on "View Previous" menu       

To duplicate a form on iOS you need to swipe from right to left on the form to see the duplicate menu


To duplicate a form on Android you need to tap and hold to see the duplicate menu

Duplicating a form on android       

You will now see a copy of the form you duplicated in “Draft” state.

New duplicate form in draft state