Filling Out A Mobile Form

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Log into mySafetyApp and access your companies forms by tapping ‘Forms – Fill Out New’ then locate the form you wish to complete within its group or by using the search option at the top of the page.
When you click on a form it will open a new instance of that form in a ‘Draft’ state. The state of all forms will be displayed in the top right of the form edit screen and is color coded to help indicate the form state.
If you would like to see the many different states that your forms can be in, see the “Life Cycle of a Mobile Form” knowledge base articles.
At any point while you are completing a form you will be able to stop and save your form as a draft by tapping in the top left and selecting Save Draft. Alternatively, you can delete the form by selecting the delete option from here.
You will notice the fields that are mandatory to be filled out will have a red bar along the left side of the list, such as projects which are mandatory for all forms. Now you can see the different element types and the answer controls you are provided with as a result.
Once you have answered all of the questions in the form you will still be able to add additional hazards if that option has been allowed for this form within mySafetyAssistant.
Provided there are no additional hazards and all the other mandatory fields have been answered you can sign the form by tapping ‘Completed by’, selecting your name from the list, signing along the dotted line and then pressing save. Should there be any additional people to sign off, please click ‘Additional’.
Along with the list of Employees that can sign off on forms, you can add in additional ‘Contacts’ such as Sub-contractors so they too can sign off on forms.
You can add any additional comments beside your signature if necessary, then press the submit button in the top right corner. Then, you will be prompted to select which supervisor to submit the form to then will be redirect to the ‘View Previous’ section of the forms and can now find your form listed as ‘Submitted’ within this list.