Employee Self Enrollment

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One of the optional features of mySafetyAssistant is Employee Self Enrollment which allows employees to enroll themselves in an onl. A web administrator can set this option On or Off. This setting applies to all employees, and can be changed at any time to best suit your training standards.
If you want to control who takes what course and when, you set this feature to OFF.
You can assign courses to employees form the Online courses Library directly. You can find directions on how, by clicking here. You may also use the Labels feature to automate online training assignments. Find out how by clicking here. You can also view instructions using the Training videos tile on the home page to see the Training Videos click here.

Employee Self Enrollment On:

Self Enrollment Demo Image 1
When you set the Self Enrollment to On, employees are able to select a course from the course list in the Employee View and enroll themselves.
In the Online Course Library tab, employees can see all of the courses that your company is subscribed to. They can see three indicators associated with each course.
Self Enrollment Demo Image 2
Selecting Show description shows a description of the course content and an estimate for how long the course takes to complete.
The small blue indicator in-between Show Description and Enroll Course shows whether the employee is currently enrolled in the course and will display either Enrolled or Not Enrolled.
If the employee is not currently enrolled, the Enroll Course button will be a bold colour and the employee may assign themselves the course. Where the employee is enrolled, the Enroll Course button is faint coloured and not active.
Self Enrollment Demo Image 3
An employee assigned course looks the same to a Web Administrator, as one assigned by a label or a Web Administrator. The way for a Web Administrator to tell the difference is to select the Details button.
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You can see all the details of the assignment including whom the course was assigned by.
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Note: an employee may inadvertently assign themselves courses in the Online Course Library view. Any course that is not completed may be unassigned by a Web Administrator if needed.

Employee Self Enrollment Off:

Self Enrollment Demo Image 6
If the Employee Self Enrollment is set to Off, then employees are able to see the course list, but cannot enroll themselves. They can, however, place a request to take the course, and a Web Administer may approve or deny their request. All Web Admins will receive an email from mySafetyAssistant, notifying of the course request.
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How an employee Requests a course

Once an employee selects the Request Course button a pop up screen appears that allows them to select from a list of web administrators, who they wish to send the request to. They may select any one or all.
Self Enrollment Demo Image 8

How a Web administrator accepts an Enrollment Request

Responding to the email request, you can see the list of requests by going to the Requests sub-tab.
Beneath the Employee Self Enrollment switch, you will find the requests list. Select the checkmark to approve, and the X to decline.
Self Enrollment Demo Image 9