Sending overdue online training course reminders

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Sometimes an employee might miss the email notification of being assigned an online course. Here are the steps to make sure your employee is set up to receive an email and how to resend an email reminder to them.

Are they set up correctly?

Double-check the employee’s email address in their profile, to be sure it:
  1. Has been entered as email addresses are optional
  2. Is the correct address, with no typos in it.

Watch Step by Step Directions

Steps to Re-send a course notification

  1. From the home screen click on “Online Course Library”
  2. Select the course you are interested in by clicking on the “name of the course
Find the employee that you want to send an email to and click on the “send email” button that by their name. As soon as you click the button, an email will be sent to that specific employee only.You will need to click on the “send email” button for each employee you want to send a reminder to.