Uploading a New Document

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To access you companies document library, click “Documents” from the main menu. This library is comprised of documents either uploaded by your company admins, or copied over from the 1Life Resource Library.
To upload a new document or multiple documents into your Safety Management System, click the upload icon which looks like a cloud. You will see a window open that allows you to locate and upload files from your computer. Click on the “Select Documents” button, select one or more document(s) you wish to upload and click ‘Open’.
You will now see a new section open were you can set properties for each document you are uploading. There are four key permissions that can be configured for all documents at once or on a document by document basis.
Each of the items highlighted in red in the image above aligns with the next 8 items.
  1. Each document needs to be uploaded to a folder. You can set the same folder name for all documents being uploaded by selecting a folder in “Global Document Group”
  2. It is recommended that each document has an expiration date so that you can receive notifications when it is time to review your documents. We have defaulted the date 3 years from the date of upload as that is the recommended minimum interval. You can change this for all documents by changing the “Global Expiration Date”.
  3. If you have a document that needs to be uploaded to it’s own folder, you can open up the file and select a specific folder to upload for that one document only. In this case, we want our “Cell Phone Policy” to be uploaded to “Safe Work Policies & Procedures”.
  4. If you have a document that needs it’s a different expiration date, you can change it for that document only.
  5. You can assign a label to all documents being uploaded. Click on the label icon and select which labels to apply to it. If you are not familiar with labels you should read this getting started article.
  6. You can add a new label or remove a global label for each file that is being uploaded.
  7. You can also assign an employee to documents. If you want to assign an employee to all documents, you can use the global option.
  8. You can add an new employee or remove a globally added employee for each file that is being uploaded.
When you are done setting up the properties for all of the files, click “next“.You will now see a new section open within mySafetyAssistant to display the document upload queue and allows you to:
  • review the documents
  • rename a document(by clicking the pencil by the name)
  • remove a document (clicking the clear button)
Once your documents are ready to be added into mySafetyAssistant click the ‘Upload All” button. The ‘Queue Progress’ status bar will display the loading progress. Once the document is finished being uploaded you will see a message stating how many documents were uploaded.


When a new document is uploaded, only web admins can see the document. For other employees to see the document in mySafetyAssistant or in mySafetyApp you need to click the orange “not published” button to change the state to published.